World Taxonomists & Systematists

This proof-of-concept is a small but ever-growing compendium of the world's active taxonomists and systematists that have an ORCID account with the self-assigned keyword taxonomist, taxonomy, nomenclature, or systematics. Additional accounts appear here through querying ORCID for lists of DOIs provided by Rich Pyle (ZooBank) and Roderic Page. Taxa of specialty are found from the titles of linked works using the Global Names Recognition and Discovery service. The code that generates this list can be found here and a UTF-8 csv here.

Current total: 5855
Started 2018-03-19 in the spirit of #TaxonomistAppreciationDay and #MyFirstSpecies, new records added once a day and all records updated once a week. See a blog post on ORCID about this list.

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